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The main aim of Bubbles 2017 International Training School is to provide a thorough and interdisciplinary introduction to the role of methane in marine and terrestrial environments (e.g. permafrost), from generation, migration, consumption and impact on the seafloor, water column and finally into the atmosphere. The school will also give an overview of the state-of-art techniques and methods for detecting and monitoring methane emissions. Lastly, we will cover the planet’s methane inventory and the impact of methane on the climate.

Through lectures given by internationally recognized scientists, students will be introduced to a plethora of topics related to methane:

As this training school will be hosted at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, a special focus will be Gas Hydrates in the Arctic – one of the most rapidly warming areas on the planet.

20 years ago, MIME (The role of Methane In Marine Environments) was organized by Alan Judd – this will be the first time since then that an International Training School focusing on methane has been organized.

We invite PhD students, Master Students and early career scientists from countries all around the world!

This school includes:

  • Lectures by leading scientists
  • Practical exercises
  • Poster sessions
  • Panel discussion